SWISSJET  is a young and dynamic company, able to respond to market inputs and customer request in a very quick and professional  way.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

SWISSJET associates, put their know how in the water UHP (ULTRA HIGH PRESSURE TECHNOLGY), which comes from  their more than 20 years of know how as end user of this specific and very futuristic technology. 

This deep know how, has been increased over the years thanks to co-operation with worldwide leaders in this specific field.     

Considering the facts, that the market is looking for complete turn-key projects, SWISSJET, has decided to enter this project based business, proposing personalized and tailored made turn key solutions to customer all over the world.

Our strength:

  • High potential of creativity and implementation of customer needs, thanks to a deep knowledge of the market segments, we are in.
  • Direct knowledge of customers and end user throughout Europe and deep insight in market requirements
  • Ongoing new development with institutional partners (University and technical schools), which guarantees a state of the art technology using latest technical discoveries.
  • The dimension of our company allows us a high flexibility and a quick responsiveness to markets demands. This also thanks to modular construction methods, applying a basically engineering work, which leads to costs savings and lower capital costs and investments.

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